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jOCEMBER___[icons] . . . version::big city, bright lights

icons, banners, wallpapers, & more!

Jocember Icons
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Welcome to jocembericons, an icon and graphic journal by anothertwoam. Since my personal journal is, well, personal I decided it would be far simpler to put all of my photoshop works in a separate journal. I used to keep my graphics at twoam__graphics, but I switched to a name that fit me and my graphics better. Please be sure to comment and credit where appropriate. I'm not a credit nazi, but it is nice to see some recognition for the work I've done on an icon. For more info on how to credit, scroll down.

I have been working with various levels of photoshop for almost seven years now. While I don't consider myself great, I do think I've bettered over the years. I like to work with brushes and textures, but I am also trying out a bunch of different techniques and tutorials to try and move beyond that stuff. All resources used can be found in a post on my journal (link in the sidebar). If you see that I have not credited you for a texture, brush, etc. just let me know (:


Icons and wallpapers mostly, plus some headers and other graphics when I feel like it. My fandoms include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Degrassi, Disney, all kinds of movies & various tv shows. I also love iconing animals, scenery, food, and all sorts of other stuff. If you have a request, let me know!


If you'd like to affiliate with me, just post a comment in the most recent post on my journal. All I ask is that affiliates be in some way graphic-related and link to me on their info page.

If you don't know how to credit, below is a screenshot of the icon page showing you what to put in to credit me for my icons. A good tip on keeping track of who made what is to save icons either in a folder with the maker's username or with the maker's username in the file name.

Remember, the keywords are for whatever you want and the comments are for crediting!

To link to me, you can either use the coding above or one of the buttons below. I'd prefer if you saved the button and uploaded it to your own photobucket or whatever. More buttons in all shapes and sizes soon to come!